Van Voorhees Coat-of-Arms Guide: User's Guide

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The Largest Dutch
Family in America

9th Generation and CD User's Guide

This CD contains three versions of genealogical material with an index in the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Each version has the same layout and number of pages. Also included is a file containing pictures and photographs in jpg (jpeg) or tif (tiff) format. For those using WordPerfect the printer has been set as HP Photosmart 8450. You may set your default printer as such or simply wait for WordPerfect to convert the material to your printer.

The genealogy has been prepared using The Master Genealogist which was then converted to WordPerfect from which the PDF and Word versions were made. The numbers assigned to each person in the ninth generation have been set to match those in The Van Voorhees Family in America the Seventh and Eight Generation which was published in 2003.

The file labeled Updates to the First Eight Generations contains family groups where significant changes have been made, with references to the pages in the previous publications in 2000 and 2003. They are arranged chronologically with their generation number following the name. Where possible these families have been carried to the ninth generation. Due to the size of the project it was impossible to include small changes such as date of birth, maiden name of a spouse, place of burial, etc. If you are seeking such material you may contact the Van Voorhees Association to see if such information is now available.

The file labeled Unknowns contains information on families for whom we have significant information but are unable to trace their ancestry back to the immigrant. Wherever possible these families have been traced up to the 1930 census. They are also arranged chronologically and their dates of birth have no relationship as to what generation they belong in.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Userís Guide
The Ninth Generation
Updates to the First 8 Generations 686 
Voorhees of Unknown Descent 997 
Bibliography 1725 
Voorhees/VanVoorhees etc. Given Name Index 1767 
Ninth Generation Index 2012 
Update Index 2498 
Unknown Index 2665 
List of Pictures 2984 
Photos and pictures Unpaged 

The birth dates for the ninth generation and their children in the 10th generation range from the mid eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century. Some of them served in the Civil war, the Spanish American War, and the two World Wars. Many of them can be found in the Social Security Death index up to the 21st century. They followed the every expanding westward boundary of the United States seeking adventure, new land, and joining the gold rush.

The Van Voorhees Association was formed in 1932 and many of the early members were over fifty years old. The early membership forms and correspondence provides first hand information dating back to the Civil war. Extensive use of the US census records and the Social Security Death index has helped to verify the personal memories of these early members.

We are deeply indebted to the thousands of descendants who have submitted information to The Van Voorhees Association over the past seventy years. A special thanks goes to Ann Nunn and Marc Hoover for their extensive research on the twentieth century descendants and their patience in proof reading the material. I also wish to thank Bob Voorhees, chairman of the genealogy committee for coordinating the project, Manning Voorhees for his constant support and research since the conception of the project in 1997 and my husband Peter who has encouraged and assisted me throughout the project. This is the result of ten years of sorting, arranging and researching. The material on this CD plus the first eight generation published in 2000 and 2003 now includes nearly five thousand pages of material. Our data base contains records through the thirteenth generation which contains at least one thousand more pages.

The pages are numbered continuously from file to file. Since this material is produced only for a computer format, page numbers are always on the top right side. A running head has been placed at the top of each page which will indicate whether the family group is part of the ninth generation, the updates or the unknowns.

Because of the size of the project we were unable to produce one index for the whole project. There are four indexes, one each for the ninth generation, the updates, the unknowns and a separate index of three files for those named Voorhees/VanVoorhees etc.

Each photo is labeled with the name of the person, their date of birth, and their personal number in the genealogy. Several additional photos for the first eight generation have been added. The list of pictures contain all of those found on this CD. These can be opened for printing and framing.


Born, Married and died are indicated by B, M and D.
Cem. - Cemetery
Ch. - church
Ref. Reformed
Presb. Presbyterian
Luth Lutheran
E. D. Election District as given in some census records.
Modern abbreviations are used for the names of states.

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