Van Voorhees Coat-of-Arms History of Flatlands

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The Largest Dutch
Family in America

Steven Coerts, the immigrant ancestor, arrived in New Netherlands in 1660. Six months after his arrival he bought, in the village of New Amersfoort, a farm from Cornelis Dircksen Hooglant.

Flatlands is the site of Long Island's first European settlement. Temporary posts may have existed as early as 1624. Tracts of land conveyed from the natives would later comprise portions of the Dutch town of Nieuw Amersfoort, chartered in 1654. When the English captured New Netherlands in 1664, they soon changed the town's name to Flatlands. For the next two centuries, Dutch was the main language in the town, and the culture of Holland dominated nearly every aspect of everyday life.

The History of the Town of Flatlands by Rev. Anson Dubois, D.D., 1884

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